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OnCore is Ready to Use!

OnCore has been configured and customized for use at NACTRC.

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100%Implementation Status

November 2021

Team Training The first cohort of end users are going through their team training.

September 2021

System Ready Go-Live OnCore is ready to use! We are getting ready to train our first cohort of Trial Teams.

September 2021

Migration Activities Begin We’ve started building protocols and budgets in OnCore. Our first trial teams in system will have their studies ready and waiting for them.

August 2021

Application Verification We’re in the final phases of filling in OnCore with our custom content – like price lists and processes. We’re walking through the entire application to make sure that everything is working as expected.

July 2021

Demographics Integration We’ve been working on a demographics data feed with AHS so that we can register patients in OnCore without typing in all of their demographic information.

July 2021

Working & Financials Meetings We’ve been meeting weekly to dive deeper into OnCore functionality and learn about other features of the system that will be helpful – like task lists, effort tracking, and more.

June 2021

Workflow Workshops

We mapped out clinical trial workflows at the NACTRC the University of Alberta. Now we know where OnCore fits into our processes.

June 2021

Jumpstart Training Subject matter experts from the universities participated in Jumpstart Training so that they’re ready for implementation activities.

May 2021

Sprint 2 Kick Off

We kicked off Sprint 2 for the NACTRC and the University of Alberta to begin their implementation process.

May 2021

IRISS Integration is Live The IRISS-OnCore integration went live and can now transfer study information between systems.

Apr  2021

Production Environment

We built an OnCore production environment and the Cross Cancer Institute went live in the system. They are in the process of migrating their studies into OnCore.

Mar 2021

OnCore Verification

We’re walking through every step of the clinical trial process to make sure that our customizations work.

Feb 2021

IRISS Interface Development

We designed the interface between OnCore and IRISS, now it’s getting built and tested.

Jan 2021

Workflow Walkthrough

We walked through a full Cross Cancer Institute study from start to finish so that they know it’s going to work for them in just 2 short months!

Jan 2021

Test Rebuild

We built a new test environment full of our customizations.

Dec 2020

Begin Integrations

We started working on integrations with our systems. Right now, this includes Single Sign On and Ethics.

Nov 2020

Test Environment

We combed through OnCore to find what needed to be customized. We played hard and pushed the limits.

Nov 2020

Workflow Workshop

We mapped out our processes and learned how they align with OnCore

Oct  2020

Jumpstart Training

We participated in OnCore Jumpstart Training so that we know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it

Oct 2020

Project Kick Off

We held a (virtual) implementation project kick off with Advarra

Sept 2020

Formed a Team

We formed an Implementation Team to customize OnCore and prepare for roll out

Aug 2020

Advarra Contract

We signed a contract with Advarra to license the OnCore CTMS

Aug 2020

Alberta Innovates Funding

We signed a funding agreement with Alberta Innovates to financially support our implementation of OnCore.