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Joint Venture

NACTRC began in 1999 as a joint venture between the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Under this agreement we serve sponsors and investigators, increase studies and streamline processes, provide education, and are part of all clinical research between the university and AHS.

The management board is made up of twelve investigators from the local research community. This includes the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, the Vice President of Research at AHS, and representatives named by AHS and the university. The role of this board is to help NACTRC meet its strategic goals.

Strategic Direction

The strategic objectives of NACTRC are:

  • to develop a comprehensive clinical research administration, operation, and support framework localized for the University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Zone;
  • to implement systems to support and improve the quality, quantity, and efficiency of clinical research; and
  • to expand clinical research support capacity.

(NACTRC Strategic Plan 2015)


Alberta Health Services Edmonton Zone

AHS EZ provides health services to 1.7 million people across central and northern Alberta, including specialized services such as trauma and burn treatment, organ transplants, and high-risk obstetrics. AHS EZ also provides home care, rural and Aboriginal health outreach programs, telehealth, continuing care, public health, specialty clinics, mental health services, and rehabilitation and prevention programs.

Cross Cancer Institute Exterior

Cross Cancer Institute

The CCI is northern Alberta’s leading centre to prevent, research, and treat cancer. The centre provides inpatient and outpatient services, advanced medical care and support, and education for patients and doctors. The CCI’s Clinical Trial Unit (CTU) has an active clinical trial program with state-of-the-art care and equipment. It employs over 60 qualified investigators across multiple health disciplines and more than 50 clinical trial nurses and coordinators to support industry and academic studies.

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

With 224 beds, the Glenrose is the largest free-standing tertiary rehabilitation hospital in Canada. It serves patients of all ages who need complex therapy to restore their quality of life. As a leading teaching hospital, the Glenrose offers research, technology, and training programs for health professionals. The hospital has 220 researchers and 145 research affiliates running 661 active research studies.

Glenrose Rehabilitation Centre Exterior
Kaye Edmonton Clinic Exterior

Kaye Edmonton Clinic

The 670,000-square-foot Kaye is home to teams of specialists and 80 outpatient clinics in the areas of surgery, medicine, family and senior care, orthopedics, and neuroscience. The Kaye provides ambulatory services to more than one million patients every year. It also allows rural Albertans to stay in their homes while keeping them connected to the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment.

Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute

The Mazankowski is a world leader in complex cardiac care and surgery. Its team of cardiologists, surgeons, care professionals, researchers, and teachers are helping prevent, detect, treat, and study cardiovascular disease. The institute has two research centres, the Alberta Cardiovascular and Stroke Research Centre (ABACUS) and the Cardiovascular Research Centre (CVRC). It has the largest cardiac surgery training program and second-largest cardiology training program in Canada.

Phase I Clinical Investigation Unit

Our Phase 1 unit is the only Phase 1 unit in Canada that’s located within a major tertiary care facility: the University of Alberta Hospital. Our 3,300-square-foot, eight-bed hospital ward is designed to assess a drug’s safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and tolerability in a controlled environment. Services include a clinical trials laboratory, 24/7 pharmacy with drug labelling and IV preparation, and on-site MRI, PET, and CT.

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Royal Alexandra Hospital

The RAH provides expert care for people from all demographics. As one of Alberta’s largest surgical facilities, the RAH is leading the development of minimally invasive surgery, which helps patients heal faster and return to their lives sooner. The RAH has 678 beds, 69 NICU beds, and 25 operating theatres. Every year it conducts 4,000 joint surgeries and sees 72,500 emergency visits. The RAH is also Canada’s leader in robotic surgery with than 300 procedures performed each year.

Stollery Children's Hospital

Stollery Children’s Hospital

The Stollery is a children’s hospital for cardiac surgery and major organ transplants. It contains neonatal and pediatric ICUs, a pediatric thrombosis program, and a number of other clinics for children. The hospital is part of the Canadian Neonatal Network and conducts over 9,000 surgeries each year. It was the first hospital in Canada to perform a pediatric auto-islet transplant and is a major referral centre for the Berlin Heart.

University Hospital

The University Hospital is an 885-bed research and teaching hospital affiliated with the University of Alberta and run by AHS. With a full range of diagnostic and treatment services and over 700,000 patients each year, it’s one of the leading health sciences centres in the country. Services include cardiac surgery and care, an organ transplant program, a neuroscience ICU, and a world-recognized burn treatment unit.

Partner Organizations

Research Ethics Office

The University of Alberta’s Research Ethics Office (REO) supports and manages the ethics review and approval process for human research, as well as research, teaching, or testing that involves animals. They protect research subjects by reducing the harms or risks they’re exposed to. This review is based on the idea that human subjects should be able to give free and informed consent for all treatments and procedures. We work with the REO to get the operational aspects of your research study approved.

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Research Services Office

The Research Services Office (RSO) supports investigators and administrators by finding sources of funding, helping them apply for funds, and showing them how to manage financial awards. The RSO serves the University of Alberta and community, industry, and government agencies. We work with the RSO to organize the legal and administrative aspects of your contracts and finances. This ensures a fast, seamless turnaround so you can access research funding and start your study more quickly.

TEC Edmonton

TEC Edmonton is a joint venture between the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta. As a business incubator, they work with community- and university-based investigators to bring new inventions to market. TEC Edmonton offers a range of new business services and can advise you about intellectual property options, protection, licensing, and commercialization. We work with TEC Edmonton to direct agreements to the right office and protect your intellectual property.

AHS Research Innovation and Analytics

AHS Research enables patient-oriented research and encourages their staff, doctors, and partners to explore new ideas. They make it easier for investigators to start studies and for people across Alberta to participate in and benefit from clinical research. They also make sure that what we learn in the process is used to improve medical care. We work with AHS to facilitate access to systems, networks, and databases in the province.