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Research Administration

Budget Review

If you’re an investigator or research coordinator, you can use our budget template as a starting point for negotiations with the sponsor. Budget review is part of the study team’s responsibility because specifics vary for each area. We also offer learning sessions to help you understand how to budget for research and will develop more resources for the study team in the near future.

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Financial Review

We help manage financial accounts for investigator research projects. Most accounts are managed within Alberta Health Services, although a few are managed by the University of Alberta, depending on their funding and financial details. Each research study has its own unique terms of reference.

A portion of all research project overhead is returned to an investigator account called a contingency account. This allows investigators to sponsor their own research. Overhead is assessed at 30% if the research is industry initiated and sponsored, or at 15% if the project is investigator initiated and sponsored. We don’t assess overhead on grant-funded research projects.

Overhead helps pay for the following.

  • Legal review and negotiation
  • Financial accounts and reporting
  • Document support and logistics (e.g., technological infrastructure, administration, etc.)
  • Operational approvals
  • Facility costs
  • Coordination with stakeholders like Quality Management in Clinical Research (QMCR), Research Services Office (RSO), Research Ethics Office (REO), TEC Edmonton, and the Provincial Research Administration
  • Health Canada application support for investigator-initiated research
  • Research posting to
  • Medical record chart pulls
  • REDCap, an electronic data capture system for investigators
  • Investigator training and education
  • Investigator development initiatives (e.g., Summer Student Program, Clinical Investigator Program, Bridge Funding)

We also provide University and AHS reporting, out-of-country tax reporting, and investigator deficit management. Our online system integrates with University and AHS systems to provide accurate, well-organized information.

Operational Approval

If your research uses Alberta Health Services property, resources, data, facilities, patients, or staff, you’ll need an operational approval from each area you’re accessing. The person in charge of approving your request will decide if the area can support your research. You can ask for operational approval by logging into your account.

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You can submit any of the legal documents below by logging into your account.

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Contract amendments
  • Data transfer agreements
  • Final study budgets
  • Clinical Trial Agreements (with or without final budget)
  • Letters of indemnity
  • Material transfer agreements
  • Sponsor supplier or vendor forms
  • W8BEN-E (US tax withholding and reporting)

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Drug Development and Innovation Centre

The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta started the DDIC to help bridge the gap between basic sciences and clinical research. The DDIC designs and improves dosage forms and pharmacopeial standards, connects investigators and sponsors using their specialist network, and offers custom training in pharmaceutical sciences and quality control.

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