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Key Indicators

NACTRC aims to provide the research community with the highest level of support. As part of this commitment, we’ll be publishing key indicators here on our website.

Type of Agreement Agreement & Activity Types Current services times for 2022/23 (business days) 
1 – High complexity
  • Clinical trial agreements involving a CRO 
  • High risk matters: Foreign legal jurisdiction, biosafety considerations, etc. requiring additional approval. 
  • US Federal studies: FDA/IRS considerations 
  • Multi-party/project agreements: Collaboration, Master, Subsite, etc.
Varies significantly, but typically 90-120 business days
2 – Intermediate complexity
  • Routine clinical trial agreements directly with Pharma 
  • Subsite agreements with other Universities/Colleges (Canada) 

45-80 days 
56-90 days 

3 – Routine
  • Compassionate use agreements 
  • Confidential disclosure 
  • Amendments 
  • Work orders to master agreements 

1-3 days 
6-9 days
8-12 days 
16-38 days