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The Provincial OnCore Support Team (POST) is your central contact for all things CTMS. Have a new team member? Want a new protocol built for you in OnCore? Have questions about how to do something? We support your use of OnCore and provide CTMS-specific services. Services include:

  • Clinical trial team and new staff training
  • User account setup, maintenance and deactivation
  • Resource and job aid development
  • Ongoing training for additional CTMS topics
  • Study creation in OnCore (minimum footprint data entry)
  • Protocol calendar build
  • Budget building for negotiation
  • Budget finalization after negotiation
  • Protocol review and handoff
  • Amendments and ongoing support
  • System upgrades and new features
  • Custom reporting
  • Ongoing support and troubleshooting
  • Weekly drop in support sessions

Request OnCore Services

Provincial OnCore Support Team

Provincial OnCore Support Team

Email: [email protected]