“I may be dead in two years. We don’t know.”

Candy Marriott began her journey with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, discovering the disease by accident during another scan. Her physician referred her to participate in a couple of clinical trials to help with her disease progression.

Clinical trial participants like the one Candy is participating in are critical to integrating digital technologies into care and treatment and creating new treatments for all kinds of illnesses and diseases.

Studies like these wouldn’t be possible without the mutual participation of the Digital Health Unit at the University of Alberta, ST Innovations and AHS.

In Candy’s clinical trial, health researchers from the University of Alberta connected with various biotech companies and health innovation programs to accelerate a clinical trial that will produce meaningful results for Alberta and beyond.

Learn more about how NACTRC and the University of Alberta’s Clinical Trials Office are increasing studies and streamlining processes through the launch of their digital health unit, providing education for clinical research between the University of Alberta and AHS.

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