The OnCore CTMS is a new system designed to enhance clinical trial infrastructure in Alberta, by increasing efficiencies in clinical trial management:

  • Less administrative work for coordinators resulting in increased capacity for additional studies
  • Improved study quality through the standardization and adoption of best practices
  • Centralized and automated financial management and regulatory compliance processes and reporting

OnCore is a state-of-the-art enterprise solution that is used by leading research institutions in the US, including Yale University, Duke University, and the Dana-Farber/ Harvard Cancer Centre.

The system will be launched in 2 stages:

  • May 2021: Cross Cancer Institute
  • October 2021: University of Alberta and University of Calgary

Quick Facts

  • Clinical trials are research studies involving human participants that include assignment to one or more interventions. Clinical trials are required to determine the safety and efficacy of interventions and are central to the approval process for medications, devices, and other interventions.
  • The University of Alberta together with Alberta Health Services are involved in a multitude of clinical trials, including industry-sponsored studies and investigator- initiated studies. Clinical trials provide advanced care options for patients, reduce healthcare cost and make a meaningful contribution to the scientific prestige to the University.


  • Alberta institutions are the first to bring OnCore to Canada.
  • The University of Alberta and Alberta Health Services have partnered with the University of Calgary to enhance clinical trial infrastructure, through the implementation of a CTMS.
  • OnCore was selected unanimously by all partners following an RFP process led by University of Calgary in October 2019.
  • The implementation project is supported with funding from Alberta Innovates / AbSPORU.

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