As of March 31, 2018, Alberta Health Services (AHS) finance will no longer accept cheques that have the project number (e.g. PRJ12345) beside ‘Alberta Health Services’ on the payee line, since they are transitioning to cheque scanning software (please see Figure 1 below).

incorrect payee line

AHS finance will be requiring that all cheques made payable to Alberta Health Services contain no other information on the ‘Pay to the order of’/payee line (please see Figure 2 below).

Correct payee line

In anticipation of this change, please send the attached ‘before’ memo to your sponsor or CRO who will be sending you cheques.

If you receive a cheque with the project number in the payee line after March 31, 2018, please scan/email a copy of the cheque to the provider (sponsor or CRO) with the attached ‘after’ memo and ask them to send a new cheque.

Download ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Memo Templates

In anticipation of this change, NACTRC will be changing the payee information in new contracts to reflect the following:

Payee for new contracts

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