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ACRP Certification is making a difference in clinical research, driving site efficiency, establishing professionalism, setting the standard for quality, and defining the future of ethical, responsible clinical research.

Clinical Research Associate

The CCRA® credential is awarded to a CRA who has passed the standardized ACRP CRA Certification exam.

Principal Investigator

The CPI® credential is awarded to a PI who has passed the standardized ACRP PI Certification exam.

Our Newest Certification Program:

ACRP Project Manager (ACRP-PM) Subspecialty Designation

All clinical research professionals with an existing ACRP Certification in good standing can earn the ACRP-PM® Subspecialty Designation.

Clinical Research Coordinator

The CCRC® credential is awarded to a CRC who has passed the standardized ACRP CRC Certification exam.

ACRP Certified Professional

The ACRP-CP® credential is awarded to professionals involved in all aspects of clinical studies/trials who have demonstrated the knoledge, skills, and abilities to perform ethical and responsible clinical research by passing the standardized ACRP Certified Professional Certification exam.

New fall exam dates for Edmonton
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