We were pleased to attend the 2017 BIO International Convention in San Diego. If you didn’t make it to the convention, we want to share with you a special announcement made at the Alberta’s Medical Schools Reception.

NACTRC has just launched its Real World Evidence unit.

What is the NACTRC Real World Evidence Unit? Watch the video to find out.

This research unit designs and performs pragmatic trials and research projects that harness the power of real-world health data. It works with a vast network of experts that includes today’s brightest clinicians, methodologists, analysts, health economists, and policy makers in a wide range of disciplines.

Alberta is uniquely qualified to host this new unit. Our province’s single-payer health care system, internationally recognized researchers, and world-class facilities foster a great environment for real-world data and health research.

We’re excited to see the Real World Evidence unit demonstrate how treatments perform in the real world setting how this new evidence will help physicians and policy makers make more informed health care decisions.

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