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Any research that involves people or their private health information must be reviewed and approved by a research ethics board before the study starts. The University of Alberta Research Ethics Office (REO) manages all aspects of the ethics review and approval process for research, teaching, or testing that involves human or animal subjects.

Please note that approval from the REO or one of Alberta’s other research ethics board doesn’t grant access to health records. There might be other institutional or organizational requirements in place that you’ll need to meet before starting your study, like securing resources. Ask your local research ethics board if you have any questions.

Health Research Ethics Board

HREB reviews human health studies for investigators using Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, University of Alberta, or University of Lethbridge resources or facilities. HREB doesn’t review cancer-related studies.

HREBA Cancer Committee

For cancer studies, we work with the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta Cancer Committee (HREBA CC). They review protocols focused on cancer study or treatment done by investigators from AHS, Covenant Health, the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, or the community.