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Initiating and conducting a research study doesn’t have to be difficult. With our help, you can get through the process as quickly as possible. We offer a wide range of services to help get your research study started and help it run smoothly.

Research Administration

Explore services related to research approvals and non-clinical study requirements such as legal, finance, ethics and more.

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Research Support

Explore services related to clinical and investigator support such as education, biosafety, lab values and more.

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Real World Evidence

Real World Evidence is a research unit that works under NACTRC to run practical trials and research projects that harness the power of real-world clinical data. The unit offers access to today’s brightest clinician researchers working in a range of diseases and methodologies.

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Clinical Research Checklist Tool

Answer two simple questions to download a customized checklist to help guide you to the available resources to make your research a success.

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Researcher Job Board

Looking for a new opportunity? We’re happy to share our partners’ job postings and help researchers like you find their next project.

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Online Services

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Log into the NACTRC online app to request operational approvals, submit legal documents, and check the status of your eCLINICIAN access and HIA Research Agreements. You can find more information like AHS price lists in the PI Resources section of the app.

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Operational Assessors & Approvers

Don’t create your own account. A site director or manager will authorize your account and the areas you’re responsible for. When the account is set up, your login details will be sent to you.

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