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What is the network?

We’re building a network of sponsors, investigators, and members of the public who are willing to be part of research in Alberta. By connecting talented investigators with potential sponsors and participants, we can help pave the way for more research in Alberta. Join us as we build this network, streamline processes, and improve Alberta’s research environment.

Membership is free and must be approved by NACTRC.

How does that help me?

We’re exploring new and better ways to bring the public into more research studies. This includes the partner network. As a member, you’ll be first in line to see the benefits of our database as it grows. Whether you’re just starting your career or you have years of experience, the network will make it much easier to do your research.

Investigators + Students

  • Keep up with research in Alberta by getting news and event updates.
  • Get invites to mentorship, training, and networking opportunities throughout the year.
  • Enroll interested members of the public in your research studies.
  • Access our partner facilities when you’re conducting your research.


  • Keep up with process improvements and research in Alberta by getting news and event updates.
  • Join us at networking events throughout the year and meet some of the top talented investigators in Alberta.
  • Gain exclusive access to our vetted network of investigators in key therapeutic areas.
  • Access our partner facilities when you’re conducting your research.

Why do research in Alberta?

Therapeutic Areas

Some of our top therapeutic areas for clinical research include the following.

* Numbers were last updated July 31, 2016.
394Child Health: Active Studies
180Cardiology: Active Studies
115Gastro­enterology: Active Studies
112Surgery: Active Studies

Where in Alberta can I do research?

Phase 1 Unit

Our Phase 1 unit is housed in our Adult Clinical Investigation Unit (CIU). It’s one of only a few Phase 1 units in Canada located within a major tertiary care facility: in this case, the University Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. Our 3,300-square-foot, eight-bed hospital ward is designed to assess a drug’s safety, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and tolerability in a controlled environment.

Pediatric Clinical Investigation Unit

The Pediatric CIU in the Stollery Children’s Hospital is an ideal research space where investigators can complete procedures, gather patient histories, and carry out physical exams. The space is staffed by RNs, is equipped with three curtained treatment spaces, and has an enclosed private room. This brand-new facility opened in 2014 and is conveniently located next door to the Stollery Pediatric Clinics.

Cross Cancer Institute Clinical Trial Unit

The CCI CTU supports practice-changing global studies and saves our healthcare system nearly $6.5 million each year in drug costs. The CCI is the major cancer centre in northern Alberta and is one of two tertiary centres in the province. The centre provides inpatient and outpatient services, advanced medical care and support, and education for patients and doctors.

Why should I work with NACTRC?

NACTRC is a clinical trials and research network that began in 1999 to improve clinical research. We’re a joint venture between Alberta Health Services, our provincial healthcare system, and the University of Alberta, a leading research university. We work with investigators, pharmaceutical companies, and other research-intensive companies to offer a better standard of quality and efficiency in clinical research.

We have developed a growing body of expertise in administering and facilitating clinical trials and research. From science to methodology, from clinics to procedures, we and our partners are here to support your research. Together we can bring about better medicine and better outcomes.

Join Our Partner Network

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